Conceptual thinker.
Craft is king.
Lover of the big idea.


I’m a big believer in The Big Idea. I’ve been at it for over 15 years and get a little more excited every day at all the ways ideas can be sent out into the world. 

As a collaborative strategic integrated art director, I value engagement at every step of the consumer's journey—that means brand work, digital, social, shopper, and experiential. 

I’m based in Chicago, but open to opportunities anywhere in the country or world. 

When I am not making ads, I am an avid cyclist. I am a member of a local racing team, Mox. And, cyclocross is my jam. But, you will find me doing a few 100 mile gravel races all over the country too. Training is a huge part of my life in developing my ability and performance as an athlete.



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