Illinois Department of Tourism

The Light Up the Night campaign was developed to make Chicago top of mind for younger, cosmopolitan travelers seeking culture, culinary and nightlife experiences.

We used a pixel stick as a device to pay off light. We created a type lock-up for the campaign and applied the effect here as well as with the Illinois logo.


We created Instagram and Facebook stories that focused on 3 areas for an evening in Chicago: dining, entertainment and our LGBTQ scene.

The culinary unit in the campaign generated the highest video views & engagement at 603,202.

For our content such as boomerangs and cinemagraphs, we turned the Illinois logo into a neon sign. Because neon signs are a huge part of the Chicago evening landscape, neon signs were captured throughout the city to pay off the idea of Light up the Night.


The content connects the consumer to a landing page on This page gives folks all the information they need to plan a trip rooted in an evening in Chicago.