Monroe Shocks

Print, Social, Mobile, OOH

Monroe Shocks

Monroe wanted to communicate that at 50,000 miles shocks need to be changed. There’s no obvious cue that they’ve gotten old. Unlike a carton of milk, for instance. So in this campaign, we get people to think about their shocks’ age by pointing out one basic truth in life that everyone knows, everything gets old. By connecting shocks with things that have obviously gotten old, we quickly and humorously reinforce the idea that shocks are things that need to be replaced to be at their best. This campaign is currently running in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Aging App

This app was a fun way to engage people in the idea that shocks get old over time and need to be replaced — and people get old too. Once you had gone through the experience and aged yourself, you were encouraged to share your aged self. This was a huge opportunity to get the message out there in a fun engaging way.

Online Video

OOH ran along highways in large cities from Los Angeles to Milwaukee.

We placed boards in stadiums within the MLB. Most were behind home plate.


Agency: Cramer Krasselt
Role : Art Director, Designer
Photographer: Mark Laita

The banana became
the hero image of the campaign.